180+ One Phrase Feedback for Instagram Posts and Tales

Staying engaged together with your Instagram fans and fanatics isn’t simple, particularly whilst you’re a part of massive engagement teams on Instagram, it’s time-consuming to go away feedback on each submit.  

Neatly, in this kind of case one-word feedback for Instagram allow you to in lots of some ways. 

Certainly, it’s by no means sufficient, despite the fact that. However, whilst you know which note to make use of the place, you’ll be able to interact with their posts neatly and proportion your contribution in a a lot more efficient method. No longer best that, however you additionally save a ton of your time writing easiest feedback, which is without equal receive advantages. 

Whether or not you’re on the lookout for the fast and candy feedback for buddies’ footage or any individual’s tale, on this submit, we can proportion with you the checklist of the most productive one-word feedback to go away. 

Easiest one note feedback for Instagram footage

Let’s first get started with some superior and some of the highest one-word feedback that you’ll be able to depart on any individual’s Instagram posts and images. Don’t stay your feedback restricted to “Great” or “Nice” on my own, there are some shortest however best IG feedback.

  1. Easiest
  2. Inspiring
  3. Vintage
  4. Spectacular 
  5. Sharp
  6. Terrific
  7. Superior
  8. Glad
  9. Pleasure
  10. Glad 
  11. Magical 
  12. Sudden
  13. Tremendous
  14. Mine
  15. Thank you
  16. Glow
  17. Balanced
  18. Unequalled
  19. Grand
  20. Wow!
  21. Wild
  22. Sensible
  23. Considerate
  24. Marvel
  25. Artists

Gorgeous one-word feedback for Instagram for a lady

Beautiful One Word Comments For Instagram For A Girl

Whilst you in reality wish to depart some respectful and great feedback for women to provoke on her Insta pic, you’ll be able to write some longer feedback to get spotted. If no longer, then those are some lovely and superb one-word feedback for women’ footage which are additionally your subsequent choice. 

  1. Candy
  2. Daring
  3. Sharp
  4. Scorching
  5. Princess
  6. Queen
  7. Tough
  8. Feminist 
  9. Inspired 
  10. Sublime
  11. Perfecto
  12. Fantastic 
  13. Superb
  14. Higher
  15. Comfy
  16. Healer
  17. Herbal
  18. Lit
  19. Brilliant
  20. Trendy 
  21. Unbiased
  22. Fascinating
  23. Abnormal 
  24. Shocking
  25. Yoga

Make her really feel revered with such particular praise for women.

Easiest one-word feedback for Instagram for Boys

Best One Word Comments For Instagram For Boys

If that submit is ready a boy’s angle standing or any motivational quotes or perhaps a selfie, there are some easiest one-word feedback you’ll be able to write. In case you are at a loss for words about how you can praise a boy on Instagram with the shortest feedback, those are some concepts.

  1. Legend
  2. Shy
  3. Kindness
  4. Inventive
  5. Clever
  6. Assured
  7. Hustlers
  8. Entrepreneur
  9. Chief
  10. Weirdo
  11. Beirdo 
  12. Evil
  13. Brothers
  14. Amigos
  15. Rockstar
  16. Swagger
  17. Perfectionist 
  18. Desires
  19. Savage
  20. YOU
  21. Gangs
  22. Author
  23. Colourful
  24. Full of life
  25. Adventurous 

Lovable one-word feedback for overwhelm pic on Instagram

Cute One Word Comments For Crush Pic On Instagram

You in reality don’t wish to omit any probability to provoke your overwhelm and keep hooked up with her or him neatly. Why no longer pick out a few of these cutesy feedback which are just one note lengthy? Additional, you’ll be able to additionally upload some emojis with it to make your overwhelm’s day. 

  1. Attractiveness 
  2. Good-looking
  3. Cool
  4. Exceptional
  5. Beautiful
  6. Passionate
  7. Introverted
  8. Celebrity
  9. Type
  10. Heroine
  11. Winner
  12. XOXO
  13. Robust
  14. Badass
  15. Curly
  16. Fashionable
  17. Happiness 
  18. Butterflies
  19. Distinctive
  20. Forte 
  21. Devoted
  22. Mine
  23. Sunshine
  24. Sunday
  25. Valuable

Need to make it much more enticing, then take a look at those Great Feedback for Weigh down’s IG Posts.

Humorous one-word remark for highest good friend pic

Funny One Word Comment For Best Friend Pic

Neatly, there are lots of issues to mention to humorous posts or memes rather then simply “LOL’. In case your highest good friend has simply posted some hilarious footage of yours or any viral memes in this day and age, listed below are some funniest one-word feedback to proportion on buddies’ Instagram posts. 

  1. ROFL
  2. Agreed
  3. Bestie
  4. BFF
  5. Sorry!
  6. Uninteresting
  7. Unnecessary
  8. Reasonable 
  9. Copied
  10. Stolen
  11. Filtered 
  12. Joker
  13. Loopy
  14. Fortunate!
  15. Pleasant
  16. Guru
  17. PRO
  18. Mistake
  19. Jealous
  20. Over-priced
  21. Regretful
  22. Conventional
  23. Unsure
  24. Sleepy
  25. Wild
  26. Beer
  27. Timid
  28. Horrific
  29. Failed
  30. Karma

Instagram one note feedback for {couples}’ pics

Instagram One Word Comments For Couples’ Pics

With regards to feedback for pretty {couples}, merely only one note does no longer make the very best answer. However, once in a while it’s a good suggestion to stay it only one note quite than writing the rest additional. Need to admire {couples}’ posts very much, then take a look at those one-word feedback for {couples}’ posts on Instagram.

  1. Beautiful
  2. Soulmates
  3. BAEs
  4. Comprehensible 
  5. Being concerned
  6. Lovable
  7. Candy
  8. Respectful
  9. Admiring
  10. Unconditional 
  11. Emotional
  12. Particular
  13. Kisses
  14. Cuddles
  15. Peace
  16. Amusing
  17. Emotions
  18. Lovable
  19. Perpetually
  20. Cherished
  21. Joyous
  22. Hopeful
  23. In combination
  24. Magical
  25. Fair

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One-word feedback for Instagram tale

One Word Comments For Instagram Story

Whilst proceeding scrolling throughout the Instagram tales, you could get that one tale that you’ll be able to’t depart with out commenting or writing one thing as your reaction. As a result of such tales are so inventive or at the level, you need to precise your fair opinion about them. So listed below are some nicest one-word tale feedback for Instagram. 

  1. Creativity
  2. Cherished
  3. Revel in!
  4. Spectacular
  5. Sure
  6. Fascinating
  7. Agree!
  8. Unquestionably 
  9. Very good
  10. Blessed
  11. Unforgettable
  12. Vibes
  13. Happy
  14. Bold 
  15. Daydream
  16. Cheers!
  17. YOLO
  18. Exciting
  19. Chilling
  20. FOODS
  21. What!
  22. OMG
  23. Sshh…
  24. Oops!
  25. Fact
  26. Yummy
  27. Yea!
  28. Unique
  29. Moonlight
  30. Weekends


Whilst you’re working out of time or commenting on each submit or getting bored with it, don’t drive your self to proceed to take part. Be at liberty to go away such lovely and highest one-word feedback for Instagram footage and tales. That can paintings as neatly. 

Those feedback are a lifesaver for you and likewise somewhat efficient sufficient to proportion your fair comments. Finally, that items you as a real follower who is aware of to remark proper, method higher than any bot-type feedback or any individual with “Nice pic”  on each unmarried submit. 


As a result of they’re the very best and best method to proportion your fair reaction or opinion on any individual’s Instagram submit. 

Neatly, rather then the use of any of the related one-word feedback, you’ll be able to additionally upload emojis or icons to precise your emotions or ideas you’ve relating to this kind of submit. 

Whilst you’ve no time to have interaction with your whole fans and feature to go away some feedback on others’ posts in any case, those will save your time, whilst contributing in your teams. Else, whilst you’re no longer certain what to put in writing as feedback. Additional, you’ll be able to additionally proportion such one-word feedback whilst replying to Instagram feedback to your posts and tales.  

Particularly, when the submit has some descriptive caption and explains one thing neatly or when any individual is your actual authentic follower, you shouldn’t use a one-word touch upon their posts. As a substitute of that, make a choice to put in writing authentic feedback that display recognize for the exhausting paintings and creativity at the back of this submit.